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1. Who was the second to last person to go out of "The Contest"?
2. What was Jerry's girlfriend's name when all he knew was that it rhymed with a part of the female anatomy?
3. Another name for the mansierre?
4. What was the law the people got arrested on in the last episode?
5. How many shows were in the first season?
6. Why did Elaine's boyfriend fred dump her?
7. How many years did NBC play Seinfeld?
8. What ranking is the show for people watching the season finale?
9. What did Calvin Klein call Kramer's butt?
10. In what season did "Jerry" premiere?
The current standings are:

HBKGriffey 9250
Supervlv69 9000
Hoosier_fan01 9000
Janice Gomez 8750
PatG99 7000
S1monF1tz 7000
KaRtmAn233 5000
Kanoneepik 5000
Rachel712 4000
Skater3.5 4000
Frazzes 4000
Clyde32 3000
T1440 3000
Bordie 2000
Sjoes17 2000

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