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1. What team had had the most wins in the 1950s?
2. When is Babe Ruth's birthday?
3. Who is the only player to play for every former/current New York team?
4. What day did Mickey Mantle die?
5. What day did Cal Ripken Jr. break Lou Gehrig's record?
6. What player played the most games in the 1960s?
7. Who was the only player to get 20 doubles, triple, and home runs in a season?
8. Who was the last person to win a triple crown?
9. Who was last player to win 2 triple crowns?
10. What pitcher had the best winning percentage ever?
The current standings are:

GT 6000
Zknapp 3000
Mzmath 2000
Rwalsh3855 2000

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