Welcome to my Seinfeld page. Seinfeld in my opinion is the best show ever. It was on NBC for 9 seasons. It continues to be shown on the WB every week night and sundays at 11 pm. Over the 9 seasons there was 170 episodes. When Seinfeld was first shown it did not test well with test audiences. But the NBC executives thought that it was good. They only had 5 episodes in the first season. If Seinfeld had been premeired this season it probably would have been canceled after the first 5 episodes but TV was different then. Seinfelds best season was it's fourth season. It won an Emmy for best comedy (it's only best comedy emmy). And it got moved to the time slot that Cheers had which was the best in TV. This was also the season that George and Jerry had the pilot for there own TV show "Jerry". All season they were writing it and then on the season finale it premiered, then was immediatlly canceled. The 5th season was also very good, they went from 25th to 3rd in the ratings. In the 6th season they finally made it up to the top rated TV show. Kramer also became the ASS-MAN in the 6th season, and we also found out his first name was Cosmo in episode 93. In the 7th season people thought that the show wasnt as good but it was still funny. This was the season of The Soup Nazi and The Rye. Two of the funniest episodes. In the 8th season it started to go down hill and they thought about ending it. The ninth season was its last and people thought that the last episode wasnt that good. But i thought it was pretty funny.