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Welcome to my sports trivia page!!!! Click on the links for the trivia questions. To play, e-mail the answers to me using the link below. If you get any questions wrong, I will send you a hint. Then, if you get that right, you will get 750 points instead of1000. If you get that wrong, I will e-mail you another hint and you will get 500 points for getting it right. If you still get it wrong, I will e-mail the same questions except with a multiple choice. If you get it right, you will get 250 points. If you still get it wrong, you get 0 points. Every trivia will end when I decide it will. I will e-mail you to let you know. The standings will be posted on the page and also e-mailed to you. Just e-mail me to the e-mail address listed on this page. Please send in questions (for football, basketball, and nascar only, please), suggestions, or anything else to the specific trivia address. Then write what it is in the subject box. Also, the football trivia doesn't work right now.

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